Choosing a Virtual Business Phone Service

If you are in the market for a new virtual business phone service, it is important to choose a service that fits the needs of your business. Several companies offer this service, including Nextiva, eVoice, and Dialpad. In addition, these companies have a variety of benefits and features to help you choose the best service. However, choosing the best one may not be easy. Listed below are some things to consider when choosing a virtual phone service.


Vonage has many features for small businesses. These features include fail-safe tools such as cloud backup, and user-friendly desktop and mobile apps. The company also offers basic voice and messaging services for small businesses. Users can make calls to colleagues and exchange text messages through their desktop and mobile apps. The software also provides a unified experience by combining all the features of a traditional phone service into a single account. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to save money on telephone bills, Vonage is a great solution for you.

The free trial is a great way to try Vonage before committing to a longer contract. Premium plans offer a number of premium features, including CRM integration and virtual receptionist. Additional features include desk phones and video conferencing capabilities. You can even choose a plan that includes advanced features like screen sharing and recording tools. Additionally, premium plans have an advanced admin portal that allows you to manage your account and control access permissions for different users. You can also view account activity in real-time.


eVoice’s virtual business phone service is different than the traditional phone system. With this service, you choose your main business number, whether it be a toll-free or local number. You can also port your existing phone number to eVoice. This process typically takes a month, and you’ll then receive a temporary number. You can then use that number as a secondary line for your business.

eVoice is a great option for entrepreneurs or small businesses. Despite its simple pricing structure and lack of features, it offers a reliable business phone service. However, eVoice is limited in the number of users it can support and the monthly minutes it can give you. Furthermore, it does not offer full-featured cloud-hosted VoIP phone service. For this reason, it is a good choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a business phone number but are on a budget.


If you have multiple locations, you may want to consider a virtual business phone service such as NextivaONE. Nextiva offers multisite business phone systems that provide easy-to-use call analytics and enhanced agent efficiency. This service also comes with the option to track team members with VOIP Paging, which eliminates analog wiring and operates over WiFi. The service is designed to keep employees informed of important messages from their manager. Nextiva is the best choice for multisite businesses.

The nextiva interface is easy to use, but can be confusing for new users. It also offers advanced features like call routing and call forwarding. The service can be used with a softphone, IP desk phone, or smartphone to make calls. It uses an IP PBX to deliver a full range of VoIP services. While Nextiva’s pricing structure is confusing, its features are superior to its competition. Its customer service is second to none, and it’s well worth the price.


One of the best features of Dialpad’s virtual business phone service is its unified communications platform. It features a local phone number, advanced call features, and a variety of communication channels, including messaging, video conferencing, and VoIP. The company even offers a free 14-day trial so that you can check out the service before you purchase. Once you have decided to use Dialpad, you’ll be on your way to a smooth transition.

When choosing a virtual business phone service, make sure you can keep your existing numbers. Dialpad offers a free local virtual business phone number and porting of existing numbers. You can also choose to add a landline or mobile number if you have one. Many of these services have call forwarding features. Another benefit of Dialpad is that it supports international calls. And with a 14-day free trial, it’s difficult to go wrong.


Grasshopper virtual business phone service is a great option for businesses that handle a high volume of inbound calls. Its features include global call routing, international calling, number availability status, CRM integrations, and more. As an added bonus, this service is cost-effective and comes with round-the-clock customer support. Compared to Grasshopper, CallHippo is an all-round VoIP provider that offers virtual phone numbers in 50 countries.

Grasshopper’s features include automatic call answering, voicemail transcription, and more. You can record greetings, transfer calls to another extension, and even create your own custom text messages. There’s also an instant response feature that allows you to reply immediately to calls. Plus, you can import an existing phone number. And if you’re not available to answer a phone call, you can have it sent directly to your mobile phone.


Besides providing local phone numbers, RingCentral also offers toll-free numbers, which are helpful for those who don’t have a local office. RingCentral has over 200 area codes to choose from, so you can get a Los Angeles number and a virtual presence in another country. Customers can assign new numbers to their company or to individuals. To make the whole process easier, RingCentral also offers a free trial.

Among the company’s advanced features is its call management, which allows companies to configure their phone system across multiple locations and devices. RingCentral also offers customizable user and admin configurations, allowing business users to configure their settings and voicemails, without the help of an expert. The company’s MVP application offers real-time analytics and integrates with CRM to provide insights into call behavior. In addition to providing a full range of business phone options, RingCentral also provides a one-hour professional implementation session to make sure everything is working as expected.